Changes to lodgement of Master Consolidator (MC) declarations for LCL / FAK containers subject to BMSB

Who does this notice affect?

All Master Consolidators (MC), freight forwarders, customs brokers and principal agents associated with the reporting of LCL/FAK consignments subject to increased intervention during the BMSB risk season.

What has changed?

  • The current MC Declaration portal is being transitioned to a new operating platform.
  • The new platform will be referred to as the DAFF Forms Portal.
  • The new DAFF Forms Portal will be implemented for MC Declarations required for LCL/FAK containers subject to BMSB measures for the 2023-24 BMSB risk season beginning 1 September 2023.

Current Registered Master Consolidator Users

Master Consolidators who are already registered as users will not be required to re-register for access to the new portal.

Current user details will be migrated to the new DAFF Forms Portal once the platform is placed into production on 1 August 2023.

Once this migration is complete, users will be sent an email requesting them to log into the new portal and create a new password for their individual user ID prior to being able to access the MC Declaration form.

The DAFF Forms Portal will utilise Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to verify access to the portal. Users will be required to set up the MFA as part of the log in process.

Guidance material for setting up the MFA will be available on our Management of LCL / FAK containers section of the BMSB webpage.

New Master Consolidator User Registrations

Once all users have been transitioned to the new reporting platform and have reset their password there is no requirement to re-register for the upcoming BMSB season.

Login details are not to be shared. Each MC User must have and use their own unique ID when lodging a declaration.

If you are lodging MC declarations and do not have an individual login, please complete and submit a Master Consolidator Registration form to [email protected].

Master Consolidator declaration forms

The MC declaration form will also be updated for the upcoming BMSB season due to the transition to the new operating platform.

An industry information session for registered Master Consolidators will be scheduled to demonstrate the new MC Declaration form on the new DAFF Forms Portal.

An Import Industry Advice Notice will be published with further information for all current and newly registered MC users to register to attend these information sessions.

Industry Information Sessions

The department will conduct information sessions and demonstrations of the new DAFF Forms Portal prior to the start of the BMSB season.

An Import Industry Advice Notice will be distributed requesting all current and newly registered MC users to register to attend these information sessions.

The proposed date and time for this information session is Wednesday, 16 August 2023, 1pm to 2pm.

Further information

The department recommends that all Master Consolidators and those involved with submission of MC declarations subscribe to the department’s Master Consolidator Newsletter to get updates and further information regarding the implementation of the new portal.

Further information regarding BMSB seasonal measures for LCL / FAK containers can be found on the department’s BMSB webpage

Any enquiries or questions regarding the transition to the new portal can be directed via email to [email protected].

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