GenFreight: Celebrating a decade of innovation and success

GenFreight have celebrated 10 years of innovation and success in style at Blackbird in Brisbane’s CBD. Amidst the elegant surroundings with breathtaking river views, the team and many of their clients indulged in delicious food and celebrated the exceptional people who have been with company throughout this journey.

People are the heart and soul of every successful business, and the significant milestone of a decade in business can only be achieved with a strong and dedicated team. The 10-year celebration event was a fantastic opportunity to come together to express deep appreciation for the team, and to recognise and honour the contributions of staff, both past and present.

This event was also a celebration and acknowledgement of GenFreight’s customers, many of whom were in attendance on the night. With a strong local presence and global network of partners who can deliver, loyal customers have seen the true value of what GenFreight bring to their business and have continued supported them throughout the past 10 years.


Reflecting on 10 years of achievements

GenFreight’s journey over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable. From humble beginnings in a small office in Redland Bay, to their first employee, building a team and eventually moving to a dedicated state-of-the-art warehouse, the team continue to innovate.

Challenges often present in business, and how you navigate them determines not only your trajectory, but play a big part in the ultimate success of the business. The decision to move into a dedicated warehouse in 2019 was a natural progression for GenFreight, but expansion always comes with risk. The team knew they simply had to make it work.

In fact, the team had only moved into the new warehouse facility one week before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Brisbane.

Managing Director Scott Darmenia recently reflected on 10 years of challenges and success.

“We’ve faced various challenges, from surviving our first year to navigating through the unexpected hurdles of COVID-19. It was a significant achievement to come through those tough times while still standing strong.

“During the pandemic, our freight-focused business experienced both intense demand and significant financial strain through the requirement to pay upfront. A lot of businesses were struggling to get their shipments moved and this was a real growth area for us as our focus was on getting space rather than selling rates.

“Juggling cash flow was a skill we mastered, but at the time, we weren’t sure we would survive the first year,” said Scott.

A key part of the GenFreight approach is remaining consultative with customers, with a strong focus on understanding clients’ needs rather than simply being rate sellers. In line with the company vision, the team pride themselves on driving client shipments rather than being dictated to, a strategy that has contributed to much success over the years.

“A source of immense satisfaction throughout this journey has been witnessing our business grow, especially when we think of our clients, particularly those who have been with us from the very beginning. Our growth has been organic and largely due to word of mouth, which speaks to the trust our clients place in us,” said Scott.

Underpinned by knowledge-sharing within the team, an ability to think outside the box, and a commitment to not taking the easy road, GenFreight has set themselves apart from the competition.

Scott also acknowledges that none of GenFreight’s success would be possible without the support of wife Jess.

“Our business journey started amidst the anticipation of welcoming a new baby, with Jess pregnant with our first child. Throughout this amazing journey, Jess has been nothing short of incredible, shouldering responsibilities not only in our business, but also working at the Redlands Hospital and at home with our kids.

“It’s been a journey that’s demanded crazy hours, especially considering the time differences, but it’s one we wouldn’t trade for anything,” he said.

But while acknowledging the importance of celebrating past achievements, the GenFreight team continue to think about how they can innovate and improve moving forward.

Looking forward to a bright future

As GenFreight look ahead, the primary focus is on building a sustainable business that not only thrives but also contributes positively to the environment and community.

Scott has been involved with coaching teams at the Victoria Point Sharks Junior Football Club for the past 6 years, with GenFreight sponsoring the football club for the past 4 years.

Scott explained the importance of building a sustainable business going forward.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, and we’re actively exploring various avenues to reduce our ecological footprint. This includes initiatives such as incorporating solar power in our warehouse, careful consideration of fuel usage, and the introduction of electric vehicles, even for our company cars,” he said.

The team is also looking for opportunities for strategic acquisitions that align with their long-term growth plans and vision of sustainability. They have set strong growth targets for the coming year, and are confident of achieving this while maintaining a commitment to sustainable business practices and our service offerings.

There are also expansion plans, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney a possibility in the coming years.

Ultimately, the success of GenFreight moving forward will depend on the strong team they have developed. Building a solid company culture remains a core value, with a dedicated company culture book and a clear vision and standards that the team adhere to.

Scott reiterated the importance of people in all the success that has been achieved, and those that are to come.

“There are countless hours behind the scenes that go into making everything work, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you have a team that’s focused on the same goals. Setting clear goals and benchmarks is crucial to ensuring we’re continually progressing and not just maintaining the status quo.

“We believe in the development of our team, and we hold regular staff sessions with our consultants to provide them with opportunities for growth and improvement,” he said.

Self-care is also important, with a clear focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance as the business moves forward. An onsite gym and encouragement to prioritise health and wellness help the team to look after themselves at work and at home.

After 10 years of challenges, innovation and ultimate success, GenFreight is now in a place where there is a clear path forward, and the team is looking forward to a bright future.

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