Top Boat Transport Companies in Australia

Australia, is a country synonymous with sunshine, stunning coastlines. Also it’s famous for a deep love for water activities, thrives on its boat culture. Generally this passion extends in both directions: many Australians choose to import boats from overseas manufacturers to access a wider selection and potentially find better deals. While Australia’s well-established boat building industry makes it a popular origin point for worldwide boat transport. If you’re looking to import or export a boat to or from Australia, this article is your comprehensive source.

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Our previous blog, “Expert Tips for Stress-Free Boat Shipping”, offered valuable guidance for businesses navigating the import and export of boats. This article builds on that knowledge by specifically highlighting some of Australia’s top international boat shipping companies. So we’ll help you find the perfect partner for your boat’s journey, whether you’re bringing it into Australia or sending it abroad.

The Nuances of International Boat Transport

Undoubtedly, international boat shipping involves additional complexities that require careful planning and execution. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Customs Clearance: Firstly, navigating the customs regulations of both the exporting and importing countries is crucial. A reputable boat transport company can guide you through this process and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed correctly to avoid delays.
  • Quarantine Inspections: Secondly, your boat may need to be inspected by biosecurity authorities to ensure it is free of pests and diseases. Because that could harm the environment in the destination country. Failing an inspection can lead to significant delays and additional costs.
  • Marine Insurance: Thirdly, obtaining marine insurance is vital to protect your boat from potential damage during transport. Marine insurance policies can cover a variety of risks, including sinking, collision, theft, and even piracy.

Top Boat Transport Companies in Australia

Australia boasts several reputable boat transport companies with extensive experience in handling international shipments. Here’s a detailed analysis of five prominent Australian boat shipping companies.  Moreover we highlight their key features, experience, and services to help you make an informed decision:

1. Taurus Logistics Ltd

Established: 1984

Headquarters: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Services: Taurus Logistics positions itself as a complete solutions provider for all your oversized cargo transportation needs. While they specialise in shipping boats and yachts, their extensive experience (over 40 years) extends to project cargo, cars, motorhomes, and various machinery (earthmoving, mining, aircraft, construction). This breadth of experience can be valuable if you’re shipping other large items alongside your boat.

Beyond Boats: While many companies focus solely on boats, Taurus Logistics emphasises their expertise in handling a wide range of cargo. This might be appealing if you need to transport additional equipment or vehicles alongside your boat.

Experience Matters: With over 40 years in the logistics industry, Taurus Logistics boasts a seasoned team that has likely encountered and overcome various challenges related to boat transportation.

2.TSL Australia

Established: 2005

Headquarters: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Services: TSL Australia caters specifically to boat and yacht shipping needs. They offer comprehensive services for both domestic (interstate within Australia) and international transport. Their expertise covers trailer logistics, ensuring your boat arrives securely on its cradle. They also handle customs brokerage, streamlining the clearance process, and aim to provide a smooth and stress-free experience for their customers.

Going the Distance: Unlike some companies that focus solely on international shipping, TSL Australia caters to those needing to transport their boats within Australia. This can be helpful if you’re relocating or purchasing a boat interstate.

Streamlined Process: TSL Australia goes beyond simply transporting your boat. They assist with trailer logistics, customs brokerage, and aim to provide a customer-centric experience, ensuring a smooth journey for your boat

3. Dolphin Shipping Australia

Headquarters: Mascot, NSW, Australia

Services: Dolphin Shipping specialises in shipping vehicles, including boats and yachts. Their services encompass inland transportation, biosecurity cleaning to ensure your boat meets regulations, assistance with necessary documentation and customs clearance, and marine transit cargo insurance to financially safeguard your investment during transport.

Import Expertise:  If you’re buying a boat overseas and importing it to Australia, Dolphin Shipping offers expertise in navigating the process. They assist with import permits and regulations specific to boat trailers in Australia.

Full-Spectrum Service:  Dolphin Shipping offers a comprehensive suite of services beyond just transportation.  Their assistance with biosecurity cleaning, documentation, and insurance can be valuable for a smooth and compliant import process.

4. DAZMAC International Logistics


Established: 2010

Headquarters: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle (multiple locations across Australia)

Services: DAZMAC International Logistics acts as a boutique freight forwarder and customs broker specialising in boat and yacht shipping worldwide. They pride themselves on their versatility, offering various shipping methods based on your boat’s size and value. This includes containers for smaller boats, RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) for trailered boats, break-bulk for oversized vessels, flat rack containers, and even chartering entire vessels for superyachts.

Size Doesn’t Matter: DAZMAC caters to boats of all sizes, from small dinghies to superyachts. This makes them a good option for a wide range of boat owners.

Global Network: With experience spanning over 50 years (based on the founders’ experience), DAZMAC boasts a strong global network of partners, allowing them to handle boat shipments to and from various ports worldwide. This extensive reach can be beneficial depending on your origin and destination.

5. Freightplus

Established: 2000

Headquarters: Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle Australia (offices in other countries as well)

Services: Freightplus caters to a diverse range of watercraft, including leisure craft, race boats, passenger vessels, landing craft, floating cranes, dredges, barges, and more. They offer a complete logistics solution that encompasses pre-shipment preparation (including cradle building or trailer modification for compliance at the destination port). Also they offer transportation to the shipping port, biosecurity and fumigation services for used boats. Moreover, FreightPlus could help you with shrink-wrapping for weather protection, RoRo shipping for trailered boats and small cradled boats. Additionally they provide containerised shipping for smaller boats or those requiring extra protection, customs and biosecurity clearances at both origin and destination. And they also handle securing marine transit cargo insurance for your boat.

Beyond Typical Boats: While many companies focus on leisure crafts and yachts, FreightPlus stands out with their expertise in shipping a wider range of watercraft. This makes them a good choice for those transporting barges, dredges, or other specialised vessels.

Detailed Approach: FreightPlus emphasizes their in-depth understanding of different boat types and the specific requirements for each when it comes to shipping methods and handling. This ensures your boat receives the appropriate care and attention during transport.

Heavyweight Expertise: Interestingly, FreightPlus also boasts extensive experience in shipping very large machinery. While this might not directly relate to boat shipping, it showcases their ability to handle complex logistics and oversized cargo, potentially giving you confidence in their capabilities for your boat transportation needs

GenFreight: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Boat Transport Needs

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At GenFreight, we understand that boat transport can be a complex process. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming your one-stop shop for all your boat shipping needs. We have decades of experience handling both import and export boat transport, ensuring your vessel arrives safely and efficiently at its destination.

Our professional team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective transport method for your boat. We handle everything from initial consultation and planning to customs clearance, quarantine inspections, and marine insurance.

Key benefits of choosing GenFreight:

  • Decades of experience: Our team boasts extensive experience in international boat shipping, ensuring we can handle any challenge that may arise.
  • Personalised service: We understand that every boat and owner is unique. We take the time to understand your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly.
  • Global network: Our extensive network of partners around the world allows us to handle international boat shipping seamlessly, regardless of the origin or destination.
  • Competitive rates: We work hard to get you the best possible rates for your boat transport, without compromising on quality or service.
  • Transparency and communication: We keep you informed throughout the entire shipping process, so you always know where your boat is and what to expect next.
  • One-stop shop: We handle everything from start to finish, eliminating the need to deal with multiple companies and simplifying the process for you.

We hope this comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions about your boat transport needs. If you’re planning to import or export a boat to or from Australia, contact us today for a free quote. And experience the difference of working with a reliable and experienced boat transport company. At GenFreight, we don’t just handle boats, we handle them with care. Our passion for what we do fuels our commitment to ensuring your vessel arrives safely at its new home.